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Since the CCE does not operate on a fee-for-service basis, we generally ask that significant contributions by the CCE will be reflected in authorship, following usually-accepted scientific practice. Since the CCE is tailored towards scientific collaboration, we expect CCE staff to provide significant contribution to both projects and manuscripts to warrant authorship considerations.

In rare cases where CCE staff authorship is not warranted, we require that collaborators acknowledge work performed by the CCE in one of two ways, in order to satisfy CCE reporting requirements and to monitor our scientific impact:

  • In the acknowledgments section of peer-reviewed publications, when CCE personnel have been especially helpful, and where the author(s) feel that it is warranted, the following sentence should be incorporated. "The authors wish to thank [name of CCE staff member or faculty] of The Center for Cancer Evolution, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA for assistance with [activities or services performed]."
  • In the Methods and Materials or Results sections, when the CCE has provided analyses, the following language should be used. "[Type of analyses] were(was) performed by The Center for Cancer Evolution, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA."